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The Built and Human Environment Review is the 1st and only internationally renowned scholarly peer-reviewed journal dedicated to post-graduate research in the built environment – the largest global research community. It endeavours to publish state-of-the-art empirical (i.e. research findings) and theoretical papers (i.e. methodological and literature reviews) that aim to improve the built and human environment. The AEC/FM industry is under increasing pressure to improve its practices. It has been continuously criticised for its less than optimal performance by governmental and institutional reports – its fragmented nature, lack of co-ordination and communication between parties, the informal and unstructured learning process, adversarial contractual relationships and lack of customer focus are common quotas. Construction projects are also often seen as unpredictable in terms of delivery time, cost, profitability and quality, and in addition, investment into research and development is usually seen as expensive when compared to other industries. In order to succinctly address these issues, collaborative research beyond the traditional design and construction sector is advocated. Thus, the Built and Human Environment Review endeavours to address this need by providing a forum for multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary innovation. This journal encourages research which challenges and discusses these notions in relation to achieving holistic practice in the design and construction of the built environment.


The Journal will publish comprehensive literature reviews, methodological research papers and research findings from those whom are at the end or nearing completion of their PhDs/ MPhils. The Journal will not be limited to those whom are undertaking a PhD/ MPhil, but will accept papers from scholars whose scope benefits postgraduate researchers.



Suspend paper submission


Dear Colleagues,

We are experiencing technical difficulties of the journal web site, the editors have decided to suspend the paper submission with the immediate effect. We will continue processing the submitted paper in the timely manner.

I do apologise for the inconvenience.

Best Regards

The editors

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